High Frequency Transformer EE Type

Product Description
1. Ferrite cores, imported from Japan, are high quality and low iron loss.
2. All coils, which quality is guaranteed by UL certification, are manufactured by Taiwan's leading magnet wire companies.
3. All materials are RoHS compliant and environmentally friendly.
4. To reduce the noise and the rise of temperatures, high-quality winding, strict manufacturing processes, and the adoption of world leading varnish are indispensable.
5. Safety and quality are our top two priorities. The capacity listed equals to the specifications shown.
6. 100% MIT (Made in Taiwan).
7. Customized products. Size and pin pitches meet your requirements.
8. Cooperate with customers to develop new products for special functions.
9. Consultations of worldwide safety regulations are available as well as full supports to pass any certifications.
Applicable Industry
Automatic Control Systems
Power Supply Systems
Industrial Machinery Equipment
Medical Equipment
Electronic Equipment
Precision Instruments
Communication Equipment
Household Appliances
Semiconductor Equipment
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Product Name

High Frequency Transformer - EE


Under 1KVA



Transformer Type

High voltage transformer
High frequency transformer
DC transformer

Applicable safety regulation

ULInsulation Class A (105)B (130)H (180)

or others

Coil Type

Isolation Transformer

Auto Transformer

Bobbin Type


Core Type

JFE Ferrite Cores


Terminals (Pins)

Lead Wire Type

Terminals (Pins)






Q. How to buy transformers from Jian Ming?


You are welcome to send us RFQ by email: service@jian-ming.com, then we will provide quotation to you. It will be appreciated to enclose specifications in RFQ, that can help us to facilitate quotation process.



Q. How long and how do I get products?


We will deliver the goods by air or sea depends its weight and quantity. And the trade condition can be EXW, FOB of CIF. Normally the delivery period (produce time and transportation) will be 3 to 4 weeks by air, or 6 to 8 weeks by sea after we got the down payment of the PO.



Q. What's the difference between Jian Ming and other vendors in China? Why do I choose you?


First, Jian Ming Electrical company is in Taiwan. Then, the product's quality and safety are our core value, it's welcome to compare all materials between our products and other China vendors', you will find the difference. Finally, the most important part is if you don't want to suffer the quality and property safety issues in the future, Jian Ming is your best choice!

EE High Frequency Transformer Terminals (Pins)    
EE High Frequency Transformer Terminals (Pins)    
EE High Frequency Transformer Terminals (Pins)    
EE High Frequency Terminals (Pins)    

Dimensions are customized.